New Release: Anamorphic Lazaretto


  1. an institution (such as a hospital) for those with contagious diseases
  2. a building or a ship used for detention in quarantine
  3. a space in a ship between decks used as a storeroom

The first new release from anamorphic since Nostromo, Lazaretto uses a combination of source material from late 2002.

Stream it here:

DJ Sho Live Mix from Xanadu

Encoded and restored from a cassette tape, here is the first 40 minutes of DJ Sho’s main floor set from the Xanadu party held at Ross Camp in Lafayette, Indiana on October 29, 1994. While going through tape archives I found a cassette that was in my car on auto-reverse for about a year with this set. The tape was restored playing it through the Neve 5033 parametric EQ and Neve Master Buss Processor to fix the sound and encoded at 24bit/96KHz with the Burl B2 Bomber and then run through Waves Restoration in Logic.  Stream or download the release from Soundcloud.

Anamorphic – Scratch Plant

Anamorphic – Scratch Plant

Ever wonder what was on that tape?  Remastered in 24bit/192KHz from the original source tape, Anamorphic’s Scratch Plant is released as ITFAIS-008 on the 19th anniversary of the first source recording.
Stream or download the MP3 release from Soundcloud.


1 – 5/25/1998 (30:38)
2 – 6/2/1998 (13:52)
3 – 11/8/1998 (14:16)
4 – 11/14/1998 (44:25)

2 New Releases from the ITFAIS Archives

The year started with a fury of work.  Bass in Your Face Studio has been relocated to North Carolina and its slowly getting rewired and coming back to life.  One of the first tasks is to start archiving various DAT and DTRS (Tascam  multitrack) tapes to disk via the new Apogee Symphony setup.  The archiving is needed because the tape machines are starting to die, and the tapes themselves are starting to delaminate and become unreadable. This is truly a Vin Cerf style race against time to change these formats into a more modern one or risk losing tons of original material.

Muse FlyerTwo initial finds in the DAT tape catalog were original tapes from the Muse party thrown at Bass in Your Face Studio in 1997.  While the second part of the ambient set played by E was eventually released as “Remused”, the first part was never released.  Both are now in a playlist on the ITFAIS SoundCloud site.

A lost DJ Stax practice tape was also found at the end of a DAT master that had other material.  This practice tape had be recorded over with other material, but there is a 40 minute set from 1996 that was readable until the end of the tape.  This has also been uploaded to the ITFAIS SoundCloud site.

Both of these can be found indexed on the ITFAIS New Releases page.

I plan to start archiving DTRS (multitrack) tapes as soon as I’m done with all the DAT tapes and as soon as Tascam repairs the multitrack machines that just eat tapes.